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In addition to WOW’s creativity they brought a rigorous process that helped ensure alignment between our markets shifting imperatives and our core values. From the beginning of our brand strategy development, we had an objective to measure return on brand investment through sales growth.

To our knowledge, measuring this objective is a branding challenge, yet at Canem we are realizing this core objective.

Thank you WOW.

Clint Undseth, Vice President, Corporate Development,
Canem Systems - Vancouver, BC

This project included:

- Internal and external qualitative research
- Industry collaboration
   (internal and external)
- Strategic brand positioning
- Internal brand launch
- Brand identity design
- Brand standards guide
- Corporate collateral design
- Website design & management
  (using Nimbol CMS)
- Internal & external signage
- Presentation centre design & art direction
- 50th Anniversary book design
- Brand launch
- Ongoing design & brand strategy work



Rebranding Canem - a 50 year old Electrical Contractor

Canem - At the centre of building performance:
The electrical contractor, Canem Systems Ltd. has built its’ leading reputation across western Canada. The 50 year old company has grown from strength to strength, and today is a publicly held company, in 9 locations across Western Canada, with over 180M in annual revenues and more than 900 employees. Canem is without a doubt one of Canada’s great success stories founded on innovation, integrity and strong customer relationships.

A brave new vision:
Canem came to WOW with a progressive vision that would re–shape the next 50 years of their industry. An evolutionary vision that would forever change the way buildings perform sustainably. The leadership team believed that their brand would play an integral role in delivering their new direction with their people and customers.

While interviewing vendors and contractors we discovered that electricians were seen as sub-trade of labourers. We wanted to change this perception. We also discovered that the customer’s number one need was to sustainability build and retrofit their buildings but with greater financial clarity of long-term savings.

The branding process provided a backbone for the change that was about to incur inside Canem. We carried out extensive research to understand the existing culture of Canem as well as the future needs of customers. One of the greatest “ah ha” moments was the perception gaps we uncovered in the research.

Part of our brand strategy was to:
- bring the customer’s needs to the centre of the solution
- position Canem as a game changer in their industry by introducing their positioning as Building Performance specialists
- communicate the business case for sustainability

The solution:
To rise above the noise surrounding sustainability, we positioned Canem as a Building Performance Specialist. Their new tagline, At the Centre of Building Performance, speaks to Canem’s commitment that building performance will be at the centre of all solutions for their customers. In terms of the revitalized identity, we captured the companies history by integrating the old Canem E while also representing the future with the a gradient treatment. The circular treatment to the a captures the “centre” and the gradient pieces represent various elements connecting to create a whole. As part of the identity system, we created an alphabet used for key words. The stylistic treatment to the words further emphasizes communication and collaborative parts that connect to create a whole.