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Recent News

Victoria-based construction company‚Äôs new site hits the mark Building great homes for great people. Enmark Construction's new website is up and running to tie in with the new branding.  

Altoon Partners new website focuses on what makes them unique Altoon Partners leadership and expertise in mixed-use, retail and adaptive reuse has been brought to focus with the launch of their newly redesigned website.  

Green building thought leaders share ideas, strategies & perspectives We recently helped our long-time client Glumac Engineers launch their new StraightTalk speaker series at GreenBuild.  

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Why choose WOW

We'd love to tell you that branding is all about pretty design but we'd be lying. It takes guts to define your leadership, market positioning, clarity and focus, and you'll need unwavering conviction to execute on it. The branding process can reveal a bunch of ugliness (the things you've been avoiding dealing with) as well as brilliance. Yes, branding hurts but it will also set you free. Are you brave enough?

What should you expect if you choose to work
with WOW on a re-branding or web project?

  1. First-hand access to our AEC industry knowledge and best practices. 

  2. We’ll challenge you to make the difficult decisions needed to take your business to the next level.
  3. We’ll help you articulate your vision, values and purpose so everyone knows what bus they’re on.
  4. We’ll capture your competitive advantage and give you something to be proud of again.
  5. We’ll help you bravely take your brand to market. (Warning, your competitors may get jealous!)
  6. We’ll make sure your culture delivers.

  7. You’ll get an autographed copy of our book on naming and identity design
  8. We’ll collaborate and have fun together.

We believe that branding is not marketing. Branding is more about business design and the creation of a platform from which marketing can do its work. Branding sets the stage for being meaningful, exclusive, relevant and memorable. It’s about having a unique story or purpose that unifies those that matter most—your clients, your staff and you.

We see it like this:
is about getting the word out.
Branding is about creating the word.

We believe that your brand is synonymous with your business –there is no difference. Your brand IS your business and we see it in two parts. First, your ability to make an authentic and compelling promise that people care about and second, your ability to turn your business into a promise delivery system. Anything else is just a distraction.

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Our true passion is: 

Making entrepreneurial dreams come to life.