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Over the years, our success and growth into one of the region’s largest real estate developers came with a negative side-effect.

We found ourselves operating under a variety of different names and divisions. We were diluting our presence and even confusing our business partners.

WOW Branding helped us create a new brand architecture and master brand including logo, marketing materials, website, etc. It has united our business divisions and given us a much stronger and consistent presence in front of our business partners, employees, the media and the public in general.

Derek Chichak, President and COO
Treegroup - Vancouver, Canada

This project included:

- Internal and external qualitative research
- Industry collaboration
   (internal and external)
- Strategic brand positioning
- Brand naming
- Brand positioning
- Brand identity design
- Brand standards guide
- Internal & external signage
- Presentation Centre
- Brochure design
- Corporate collateral design



Treegroup - Everybody wins!

Growing without a plan
Here’s a story of a highly successful real estate development company that had grown without much of a plan for their brand. Their brand identity had happened by accident. Not unusual.

When we first met with the Treegroup leadership team, we got a kick out of the fact that they carried different business cards — all with different company names, logos, design, etc., depending on which business division (over 70 of them) they were representing that day. Quite entertaining, but also very bad for building a strong brand. No consistency, only dilution and confusion. They were missing so many opportunities to show a single unifying face.

A positive human footprint...
Our mission was clear — Create an authentic master brand to tie the numerous divisions together that was consistent and distinct. If you roll up your sleeves, ask the right questions, do the research, every company, every organization has something distinct to tell, something that sets them apart from the competition, that makes them visible and memorable in the competitive landscape.

Treegroup really was different. They didn't just build a block of town houses or average sterile apartment buildings. They create real communities by listening to all the stakeholders in the area from day one. No shortcuts. A long term perspective dictating sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions. The results are homes and communities that they would like to live in. Yet, (or maybe therefore..), they’ve been consistently able to reward their investors handsomely. We found not only a good story, but also a great brand position. We coined the phrase "everybody wins", to perfectly embody their business philosophy.  

The look and feel of the brand identity is a reflection of Treegroup’s human approach, from the earthy wordmark to the hand drawn community illustration. It's a look that resonated with them and gave them a platform to expand under a single brand.