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Recent News

Qualified energy reports within 48hours Building owners across California now have a new website to get quick and qualified energy reports as mandated by the recent AB1103 assembly bill.  

No more hoop jumping. Green Globes takes aim at the 800lb gorilla. Green Globes aims to steal some market share from green building certification leader LEED with a bold new campaign and some help from WOW.  

Creative Roots new website has other landscaping companies jealous Creative Roots Landscaping has been “making neighbours jealous since 1996”. Their newly launched, and fully responsive website helps them spread that word.  

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WOW Testimonials

"My recommendation to anyone considering using WOW is ... do it!"

“One of the things that differentiates WOW from a lot of the other providers that we’ve worked with is the courage and the confidence that they have to stand up for what they believe in—even in the face of some pretty strong personalities. We’ve experienced that first hand, especially when we had some pre-set ideas around how we needed to position our brand in the marketplace, and the desire to differentiate ourselves from the traditional conventions in our industry.

VivonetWOW felt very passionately that we were going down the wrong path, and they stood up to us— even some pretty heated conversations. In the end, they were right. And the results that we’ve experienced due to their fortitude have been nothing short of spectacular.

My recommendation to anyone considering working with WOW is number one—do it. And number two, what you are getting is not necessarily going to be a comfortable or convenient experience, but it’s going to be an experience designed to get the most out of your company and get the most out of your brand to ensure that you are successful.”

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Ryan Volberg, CEO
Vivonet (Zata, Halo), Vancouver BC

"We are extraordinarily proud of the brand that's been established"

“When I think about our experience with WOW, there are three things that come to mind.

The first is change. When we came to WOW, we were five separate offices operating as five separate companies, and we wanted to come together as one new corporation. By working with WOW we discovered what was really important to all of us, and in our case that was ‘sustainability.’ That became a vision for our company and something that we all became united around. It’s something that has changed our company for now and forever—and we’re really excited about it.

GlumacThe second is pride. I can tell you that everyone within the company is extraordinarily proud of the brand that’s been established. Every time we hand out a business card we are proud of what it looks like, and more importantly what it represents as a company. It’s an exciting brand.

The third is fun. It was really a fun experience working with WOW. They made it interesting and enjoyable. It was challenging, they pushed all of us, but at the end of the road it was something that we all enjoyed participating in and it’s something that we’re really glad that we did. I can only give a whole-hearted recommendation for WOW.”

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Steve Straus, CEO
Glumac Engineering, Portland OR

"You will get so much more than what you went in for, and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

“My experience with WOW was several years ago when our company was unveiling a new technology and we were developing a go-to-market strategy.

What we wanted from WOW was a catchy name. What we actually got from them was a true brand identity. If I can draw a parallel to a metaphor that WOW uses, their Cake TheoryTM is a good comparison to what a brand really is. When we originally went to them we were just after the icing—or the outer layer of the cake. As we went through the process, WOW made it very clear to us that we needed to understand all of the other layers of the cake to really present something of true value to the external world of customers and investors. Even internally we realized that we were missing that substance throughout the organization.

Initially I chose to work with a bigger firm. I only researched a few well-known bigger firms— using the safe option theory that “no one gets fired for going with IBM”. It ended up being a disaster. We were dealing with junior people, and there was no real process to uncover what differentiated us in the marketplace. I guarantee that if we had stayed on that course, we would have been the same dog as every other dog in the marketplace—just with a different set of fleas.

WOW took us through a process that truly built a company story and a foundation that made for a solid brand. Every thing we did had a specific purpose and we were asked some really tough questions.

The best compliment that I can give to WOW is that I have stolen almost every one of their processes and exercises that they took us through and use them regularly myself. I can honestly say that working with WOW, the journey was just as valuable and enjoyable as the destination.

You will get so much more than what you went in for, and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Keith Andrews, VP Marketing (former)
Verb Exchange Inc, Vancouver BC

"WOW helped us break through to the next level."

“I found WOW really exciting to work with. It was challenging and they brought out some perspectives and thoughts—certainly outside of what we could have come up with. They developed a brand image for us that has been really successful. I enjoyed the creative process and thought they really brought a fresh approach to the project and helped us break through to the next level.”

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Bill Gall, Founding Director
Health First Network, Toronto ON