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Launching a Brand

A guide for new companies

The good news is you’ve got a clean slate or at least mostly clean. The other good news is that you and your leadership team have a ton of energy—you’re going to need it.

Chances are that you are here because you need a name and visual identity. But before we can get to that part, a few things need to be established first. Probably one of the most significant outcomes of our branding process is the clarity and focus that it generates for your leadership team. When the core purpose and vision of the future are crystal clear, something magical happens—people get aligned, productivity increases, satisfaction increases and perhaps best of all, a strong brand is created. Or as we like to say, “Your entrepreneurial dreams come to life”.

Although we typically only work with companies that have their funding in place, more and more we are being called upon to create the brand in the pre-funding stage to help secure the financing. A great visual brand story with great leadership and execution is much easier to fund than just a business plan and a smile.

We are also open to sharing the risk and reward of our work with you—in fact we prefer to be compensated based on results whenever possible. In either case, the goal is the same—to create a world-class brand identity for your company that we can all be extremely proud of.

The top 5 benefits of going through the branding process:

  1. You will have a platform to establish a leadership position in your category – something meaningful and memorable to your stakeholders.
  2. Your vision and entrepreneurial leadership gets reflected into a brand identity that you and your team are immensely proud of.
  3. You will be able to more easily attract the right talent to your company.
  4. Your brand architecture (the relationship between your company, brands, sub-brands) is planned out so it makes sense now and in the future.
  5. You get a brand standards guide to make sure your brand is consistent across all forms of communication – a key ingredient to building a strong brand.

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