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When I think about our experience with WOW, there are three things that come to mind. The first is change. By working with WOW we discovered what was really important to all of us, and in our case that was ‘sustainability.’ That became a vision for our company and something that we all became united around. The second is pride. I can tell you that everyone within the company is extraordinarily proud of the sustainable brand that’s been established. The third is fun. It was really a fun experience working with WOW. They made it interesting and enjoyable. I can only give a whole-hearted recommendation for WOW.

Steve Straus, CEO
Glumac Engineering - Portland OR

This project included:

- Internal and external qualitative research
- Strategic brand positioning
- Brand identity design
- Website design & management (using Nimbol CMS)
- Signage design
- Brand standards guide
- Corporate collateral design
- Trade show booth design
- Ongoing design & brand strategy work



Rebranding an Engineering Firm (MEP)

Glumac - Thinking inside the building

This large mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering firm first opened its San Francisco doors in 1971. Over the next 34 years the firm steadily expanded, opening separate offices in Sacramento, Portland, Los Angeles and Seattle. By 2004 they were ripe for a brand make-over.

One of the first things we picked up on was that this was not your typical engineering firm. They had a real passion for what they did - especially when it came to sustainable design. Another thing we realized was that everything these engineers did ended up behind a wall, under a floor or above a ceiling. All their great work was invisible. In fact the only time engineers seemed to get any “recognition” was when things went wrong.
While interviewing architects and contractors we also discovered that engineers were seen as the necessary evil in the building process – engineers were perceived as the ones who always said what couldn’t be done. We wanted to change this perception.

Part of our brand identity strategy was to:
- make Glumac appear more like clients they served
- make obvious their stance on sustainable design
- use the "invisibility" factor and their contribution to making great buildings
- bring the people to the forefront

The invisibility factor is captured in the identity through subtle deboss and foil techniques in the stationery system. It is also evident in their signage system in all locations, with the Glumac wordmark ‘living’ inside the walls, literally existing as cut out letters beneath the wall’s surface. A secondary positioning line, ‘Thinking. Inside the building.’ was developed to further emphasize the firm’s values. It appears on the inside of their award-winning structural business card.

WOW developed the Glumac sphere of influence to illustrate the specific groups involved within the Glumac circle. This shows the relationship between the groups and how an engineering firm can influence a building’s occupants, owners, contractors and architects. (See diagram: Glumac Sphere of Influence).
As part of a continued effort in managing the Glumac brand across six locations, we keep a close eye on all their marketing initiatives, from press release document formats and website art direction to newsletter content and brand messaging.

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