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Delivery is more important than branding - it IS your brand!

By:  Dann Ilicic

I just had one of those great customer experiences that are worthy of a blog post. The interesting part is that I actually never spoke to a live person at any point and I am still blown away.

I bought a pair of soccer cleats for my ever growing 10yr old son from SoccerPro, an online retailer based in Missouri. The prices were fair and the site was easy to use but that's not what compelled me to write this. This company is full of personality and it is clear to me that they have made a decision to make every possible interaction surprisingly great.

I'm always grateful to get acknowledgement that my order was received and shipped, but check out this order confirmation excerpt:


Your order #xxxxx , has been fully shipped. Shout out loud! Give someone a hug! Or, get back to work...your call. Either way, we don't judge.

This gear is important and you probably want an official-sounding shipping summary. Hold onto your mouse pad cause here comes the fancy stuff.

Shipment Details:

Your order is being shipped to:

Dann Ilicic

We absolutely love having you as a customer!

Talk Soon,


I actually believe that they "love having me as a customer" and I am generally cynical about these types of statements. Even when the package arrived, there was an "unofficial envelope" inside the box with a lollipop and the best "terms and conditions" policy I've ever seen - soccerpro.pdf.

How can you not love a company that has a Department of Surprise and Delight? I've already told everyone on my son's team about how great it is to deal with SoccerPro and I'll definitely be buying there again. 

Sometimes clients think that better branding is the answer to their business problems, but let me say that branding is really about turning your truth (what's already real and great about you) into your competitive advantage. If your service or product sucks, then branding is the last place you should spend your money. 

One of the greatest enjoyments I get out of the work we do for clients is to get their delivery aligned with their brand promise. It is the single biggest impact I think the branding process can have. Do you believe enough in your own brand promise to fully take on the risk of of the promise? Does your brand have a personality that comes through in every interaction? Are you hiring people that "are" that personality? Now, go deliver. 

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