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Start with a genuine purpose

By:  Dann Ilicic

Without a meaningful purpose that is real to you, you can’t know how to be the leader you know you can be. But once you discover it, there will be no stopping you or the movement your purpose creates.

When we get started in our careers, few of us are fortunate to know our purpose, so instead we are driven by a lifestyle. To travel the world. A red sports car. A white picket fence. And so, we set out into the world to create the world we envision living. We choose an educational path. We apply for jobs. We work hard. We get promoted. Some of us are even brave enough to set up our own companies. But, as we climb Maslow’s mountain of needs, we inevitably get to the point where we want self-fulfillment from our work.

A desire to inspire people. To give back. To be remembered for something great. And that need, whatever it is, just won’t shut up.

In essence, it's our own purpose that we seek. Why are we here on this planet? Why do we work other than to make money? What drives us day after day? What is it about work that inspires you? Inspires others? Fills us with energy and passion?

Have you heard of Tom’s? It’s just a simple shoe company selling canvas flats. They are no Jimmy Choo that’s for sure. But, they sure are creating one hell of a movement! And it all started with the intention to help children around the world. Tom’s one for one policy assures that for every one pair of shoes purchased, a pair of shoes is provided to a child in need. In this case, Tom’s has created global success in the fashion industry by focusing on selling their purpose.
Without question, there are many successful and hugely profitable companies without a purpose other than to make money. But would they be missed if they were gone tomorrow? For those of you who know your purpose is bound for greatness, our world is starving for more inspirational stories like Tom’s. How can you turn your business into a cause?


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