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The Canucks: A brand we believe in

By:  Andrea Shillington

Today, the whole of Vancouver is exuding their pride and emotional investment in the outcome of the Canuck’s final chance to win the 2011 Stanley Cup. Even those people whose lives haven’t revolved around hockey since the fall, are surely fans now.

Fanatical behaviour has reached an all time high. People are wearing blue and green (even at Everest base camp). Hitch hiking from Winnipeg to Vancouver. Getting off work early. Screaming at the TV. Paying $3000 for a ticket or $90,000 for a box. But, these are just the things we do when we BELIEVE. As the hours draw closer to 5pm, there is a palpable feeling in the air. A feeling that connects us because “We are all Canucks” (a brilliant Tagline). As more and more of us become a Canuck, we too get to bask in their success. We get to be proud of how far we’ve come in the playoffs. We get permission to believe in ourselves. We get bragging rights. Because, tonight, we could all be winners!

The Canuck’s brand success is no accident. After all, they’ve certainly managed to capture the hearts of their target audience and far beyond. Starting at the top with the leadership. Owners who are passionate about the team. Coaches who have made critical decisions and shown their unwavering support for players (even when a certain goalie drops the ball in game 6). The team is sticking together and clearly aligned, even in the most difficult moments of their careers.

We also have players who are committed to Vancouver and acting like the hero’s we believe them to be. Through reaching out to the community to raise millions of dollars to help sick children. All the way down to authentic fan stories like the green men who now entertain us at each game. Plus, of course, they have proven themselves, game after game, to be one of the best, if not THE BEST team in the NHL. The Canuck’s have it right at every level. Dare I say it, no matter if we win or loose tonight. The die hard fans, will continue to believe in their beloved Canucks team next season. That’s what you do when you love, you forgive mistakes.

So, tonight, as WE score the goals ask yourself how you can turn customers into devoted fans? How could your brand inspire people to believe? And, what should your fans believe IN?

Go Canucks! Go!


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