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We'd love to tell you that branding is all about pretty design but we'd be lying. It takes balls to define your leadership, clarity and focus, and you'll need even bigger balls to execute on it. The branding process can reveal a bunch of ugliness as well as brilliance. Yes, branding hurts. Are you brave enough?  Get a regular shot of qualified comments, opinions, recommendations, tools, and ideas regarding branding and leadership. To inspire and provide food for thought.  Welcome to our blog!

Why most AEC websites suffer from stale content, lack of differentiation and fail to perform the most basic business development function.

By:  Dann Ilicic

After looking at 100’s (maybe 1000’s) of websites in the AEC space, the vast majority of them start to blend together in an undifferentiated pool of sameness. It’s not so much a design problem as it is a strategy problem. If it is not clear what makes your firm different and better and why a potential new client, employee or partner should choose you, then a fancy web design is not going to solve your problem - you need a proper strategy.

The key thing to remember is that your site is NOT built for you - it is built for your ideal visitors.

Ask yourself these 8 basic strategic questions about your site: Read Full Article >>

Start with a genuine purpose

By:  Dann Ilicic

Without a meaningful purpose that is real to you, you can’t know how to be the leader you know you can be. But once you discover it, there will be no stopping you or the movement your purpose creates. Read Full Article >>

Our Canadian Brand Essence - By Andrea Shillington

By:  Andrea Shillington

February 28th, 2010 marked the day of something new, something special, something found in us all. It will be remembered as the day our Canadian pride reached an all time emotional high. All across the world, people gathered, and Canada’s national pride came to life with a “Go Canada”.  Read Full Article >>

Cause for a good business

By:  Dann Ilicic

My favorite entrepreneurial stories are those in which an undying faith and belief are required to combat the ridicule of doing something different. Casting the right vision and purpose for a company has to come from somewhere deep inside if it is going to be completely authentic, meaningful and sustainable. I came across—a company founded by Blake Mycoskie and built on a very compelling brand promise. For every pair of shoes you buy, they will send a pair to a child in a developing country as part of their One for One movement.  Read Full Article >>