Why work
with WOW?

Aside from our adept alliteration abilities…
We started WOW over 20 years ago because we strongly believe in the magic of visionary thought and the potential it brings to us, to you, and to the world. We know that you’re brimming with innovations capable of changing the game, and we exist for the purpose of helping you take them from thought to action.

By utilizing our years of experience and proven tools & processes, we help leaders develop a strategic foundation and a creative universe that revitalizes their brand and business.

What to expect when you work with us

No. 1 – we give you first-hand access to our industry knowledge and best practices

No. 2 – we challenge you to make the difficult decisions needed to let your company evolve

No. 3 – we help you articulate your vision, values, & purpose so that your brand makes sense now, and in the future

No. 4 – we capture your sustainable competitive advantage and set you up to build brand equity

No. 5 – we help you bravely take your brand to market

No. 6 – we make sure your culture delivers

No. 7 – we collaborate and have fun together

Our Team

Dann Ilicic
Owner / Strategic Director

Future Tennis Pro

Will Johnson
Creative Director

Outdoor Enthusiast

Ahmed Ismail
Web Director

Aspiring Musician

Charles Brodeur
Analytics Marketing Director

Capt’n Analytics

What our clients are saying

Company we keep

Our Core Values

WOW’s core purpose is to make entrepreneurial dreams come to life through the magic of visionary thought, creative execution and disciplined implementation.

Make it Wow

We love our work and it shows. We ask ourselves “is this good enough”, “what will my colleagues say” and most importantly “am I super proud of it?”. Whenever we don’t make it WOW, we can’t sleep, we break out in hives and/or we feel depressed. We feel a deep desire to make things great because it’s the right thing to do—always.

Count on me

Being dependable and picking up the slack is part of what makes us a great team. Every one of us recognizes that we are personally responsible for the team’s and the project’s success in addition to our individual accountabilities.

No assholes

Life is short, so let’s be around fun and inspiring people—only.

Insatiably curious

Learn baby learn. Are you interested? Do you wonder—a lot? We do our best work when we show a deep interest and by willingly finding out the details and the real purpose behind our work. We are constantly improving our skills and ourselves. It’s challenging and it’s fun.


We insist on being brutally honest. Not because we aren’t nice (we are!), but because we care. An honest and open dialogue will unveil the root of the frustration (we don’t cure symptoms!) and build a culture of trust. In the words of a wise man: it is what it is.

It takes guts to carve out your leadership
and market position. You’ll need
unwavering conviction to execute on it.
And it all starts with clarity & focus.