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It all starts with clarity & focus.
Regardless of why your AEC company is suffering or stagnant, our approach to rebranding is rooted in the belief that getting you clarity and focus is priority number one. The truth of the matter is that if you can’t communicate who you are, what you do, or where you’re going (with unwavering conviction), you’re probably getting lost in translation. Let’s fix that…

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Rebranding your AEC Firm for
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Discover the branding process we take with you, from understanding and
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What hurts the most?

Price. We’re always competing on our price – our customers are not understanding what makes us different and better.

Purpose. Our vision of the future is not crystal clear to our employees – even I get a bit foggy on it at times. We desperately need clarity and focus.

People. We are having difficulty retaining and attracting the right people.

Plan. Our product/service brands have grown without much of a plan and now our brand architecture (the relationship between our company and its product/service brands) doesn’t make sense anymore – it’s too inconsistent.

Pride. I’m embarrassed of our website and I hate handing out our business card. Our identity needs to better reflect who we are and give us the best possible platform to reach out to our stakeholders. I just want to feel proud of our brand again.

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“When I think about our experience with WOW, there are three things that come to mind.

The first is change. By working with WOW we discovered what was really important to all of us, and in our case that was ‘sustainability.’ That became a vision for our company and something that we all became united around.

The second is pride. I can tell you that everyone within the company is extraordinarily proud of the sustainable brand that’s been established.

The third is fun. It was really a fun experience working with WOW. They made it interesting and enjoyable. I can only give a whole-hearted recommendation for WOW.”

Steve Strauss / Glumac Engineers President

“In addition to WOW’s creativity they brought a rigorous process that helped ensure alignment between our markets shifting imperatives and our core values. From the beginning of our brand strategy development, we had an objective to measure return on brand investment through sales growth.

To our knowledge, measuring this objective is a branding challenge, yet at Canem we are realizing this core objective.

Thank you WOW.”

Clint Undseth / VP Corporate Development, Canem Systems

“I am very pleased with the customer reaction to the new business cards. People stop and have a conversation about the card, Herrero and our Obsession with Value Creation.

People get it when I tell them to read the words on the back to understand what we are doing, and how it delivers a better project for everyone. (I generally read it with them) They start to share our enthusiasm. The branding is working. So thank you for making this happen..”

Rob Purcell, PE / Herrero Builders

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