the Process

Regardless of why your brand is suffering, our approach to rebranding is rooted in the belief that getting you clarity and focus is priority number one. The truth of the matter is that if you can’t communicate who you are, what you do, or where you’re going (with unwavering conviction), you’re probably getting lost in translation. Let’s fix that…

What hurts the most?

Price. We’re always competing on our price – our customers are not understanding what makes us different and better.

Purpose. Our vision of the future is not crystal clear to our employees – even I get a bit foggy on it at times. We desperately need clarity and focus.

People. We are having difficulty retaining and attracting the right people.

Plan. Our product/service brands have grown without much of a plan and now our brand architecture (the relationship between our company and its product/service brands) doesn’t make sense anymore – it’s too inconsistent.

Pride. I’m embarrassed of our website and I hate handing out our business card. Our identity needs to better reflect who we are and give us the best possible platform to reach out to our stakeholders. I just want to feel proud of our brand again.

We can help!

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Our Brand Gates Process
gets you the clarity & focus
you’re craving

Every brand is made up of two parts: firstly, your ability to make an authentic, differentiating, and compelling brand promise that people care about, both inside and outside your company; secondly, your ability to turn your company into a well-oiled promise delivery machine.

Taking you through our Brand Gates Process allows us to answer questions about your business that will be fundamental in building and executing a brand promise that rings explicitly true to who you are.

The Brand Gates Process

a) Internal

culture & operations
Live the brand you’ve created. We match your outputs (products/service design, systems and procedures, and brand culture maintenance) to your values, vision and purpose so that your whole organization lives and breathes your collective brand identity.

a) External

Initiate meaningful conversations with your potential customers and communicate your purpose and position through a variety of critical channels. Educate your communities on who you are, what you do, and why it matters in a unique voice that reflects who you are.

The benefits of being
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