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We specialize in helping frustrated landscape business owners attract their ideal clients with a well thought-out brand, website & digital marketing plan so they can stop losing high-value projects to their competitors.

It all starts with clarity & focus.
Regardless of why your landscaping company is suffering, our approach to rebranding is rooted in the belief that getting you clarity and focus is priority number one. The truth of the matter is that if you can’t communicate who you are, what you do, or where you’re going (with unwavering conviction), you’re probably getting lost in translation.
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6 ways to improve your landscaping business

1. Create a brand that sets you apart. From your logo, website and messaging, right down to your vehicle graphics, staff t-shirts and lawn signage, a consistent and bold brand image will help build your client credibility and confidence, and set you apart from your competition.

2. A lead-generating website. The relationship between your brand and your customers often begins online—and first impressions are everything. Aside from showcasing your beautiful landscapes, your website should be good at capturing leads, engaging customers and attracting new employees.

3. Own your region online. With a proper digital marketing plan, your website can become a lead generating machine! With effective use of SEO, Google Ads, email marketing and social media, your landscaping company can dominate your local region.

4. Attract & retain the right people. Being a seasonal occupation in many regions, finding and keeping good people can be one of the biggest challenges for many landscaping companies. Sharing your core values and company culture, and creating an online application form (to simplify the hiring process) are just a few ways to make the process much less painful.

5. Professional photography. A picture can paint a thousand words, especially when it comes to showcasing the beautiful landscape work you’ve done. Using professional photography and video can turn your website into a convincing sales tool.

6. Be known for something. There’s probably more than a dozen other qualified landscaping companies in your region, so what sets you apart? Where does your expertise lie? Design build, lawn care, masonry, pool installation? Finding that niche and communicating it out loud can really help you stand out against your competition and in the eyes of your customers.

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Our Industry Experience

I looked around for web marketing companies for a few years and couldn't find one that had "it". When I saw a website done by WOW Branding, I felt I finally found the right people to do our site. Working with Dann and Kate was great. Their strong technical knowledge and their presentation style show through clearly.

In the short time our site has been operational, I have gotten many client comments saying how, after looking around at our competitors' websites, ours was far and away the best and this made them want to call us for projects. Now our website has "it".

Jim Egan / Founder - Land Design Associates

We were having a hell of a time finding good people and it was the single biggest limiter to our growth. We also realized that we sucked at promoting ourselves - we had no signage, generic trucks and hardly a concise message.

Once we defined our brand, communicating our difference became second nature - especially to our employees. We even implemented a profit-share system that got everyone intimately involved in the company. Now we have no shortage of great people wanting to work for us.

Ryan Markewich / Founder - Creative Roots

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