Superior Counter-Drone Technology for Safer Skies.

With the rise of airborne drones becoming more frequent, there is also an increased need to enforce drone-free zones for airports, military, public events and security services for enhanced protection of people and property.

That’s where Indrotek, a Canadian drone and airborne technology company steps in. They contacted us to help rebrand one of their divisions, BravoZulu, whose proprietary counter-drone technology preemptively detects, identifies and neutralizes rogue drones before they become threats.

We helped create this specific position for BravoZulu, and worked with them to clarify their messaging along with creating a striking new brand identity and website to clearly position them as the dominant leader in counter-drone technology.

When it came to creating the new BravoZulu identity, we were inspired by the naval flag signs for “Bravo” and “Zulu” which means “Well Done”, relayed from a naval flaghoist or voice radio. The icon also becomes cross-hairs to metaphorically lock on to, and bring down drones. Or, strike them down, hence the added significance
of the X.

We created the following for BravoZulu

Brand Strategy & Messaging    |    Brand Identity Design
Website Design & Development    |    Marketing Materials    |    Copy-writing

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