*photography courtesy of Brix Marine

Brix Marine

A new name and identity to match a bold, new direction

Formerly knows as Armstrong Marine, this Port Angeles, WA-based boat builder had developed a solid reputation for pioneering and crafting the world’s most rugged aluminum catamarans and work-boats.

With a vision to expand on their successes and be the leader in catamarans, Armstrong approached us to help them create a unique new name and identity that would truly set them apart.

So why Brix? To be honest, when we first heard the name, we were slightly concerned. While we consulted and gave direction, we left it to them to get creative with the name generation. Our concern with the name quickly dissapated, when you uncover the meaning of the word. Brix literally means the “scientific measure of sweetness in liquid” which perfectly reflects the sweet ride of their hulls. It also spoke to their legacy of styling, seakeeping and strength.

So when it came to the identity, we wanted something that connected to everything Brix would stand for. We quickly saw the potential the “B” had to reflect three key elements: the shape of their dual hull catamarans; represent the precise, brix unit of measure; and also to depict two forward moving arrows, appropriate for the direction this innovative company is heading.

We created the following for Brix

Brand Identity | Website | Strategy & Messaging | Brand Name Consultation
Brand Launch Video | Brand Standards | Digital Marketing | Boat Plaque Application

How can we help you ? Check out their website

Aside from overhauling their name and look, we gave Brix a brand new WordPress website and helped with the design and creation of various touchpoints, from boat plaque application to hats and clothing. When it comes down to it, nothing’s build like a Brix boat.

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