Bü Sunscreen

Be You

When Jeff and Josie Kletter, the founders of KINeSYS Sunscreen and long-time clients of ours, told us they we’re looking to launch a new natural, ethically-manufactured, environmentally-friendly sunscreen brand, we were all ears.

Created in Malibu, Bü carries a double entendre—named after both the local nickname for their neighborhood and an internal mantra that helped shape the brand: be you. Bü products let you indulge in every activity under the sun without worrying about the adverse effects of sun damage or chemical-filled products.


Bü Sunscreen was created to be the go-to choice for the entire family. A friendly brand identity appeals to parents seeking out preservative-free, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly performance sunscreen for themselves and their kids.

We created the following for Bü

Brand Identity   |   Bottle Design   |   Point of Purchase Display   |   Marketing Materials
Tradeshow Design   |   Brochures   |   Website

How can we help you ?

We designed a unique custom sunscreen bottle that gets rid of the need for additional wasteful packaging, stands out on a shelf, is easy to grip  and looks right at home in the ever-cool Malibu.

An easy-to-use eCommerce site was developed to sell Bu’s best-in-class sunscreen products and UV apparel line.

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