Capital Engineering

A legacy of MEP innovation positioned for the future

As an MEP engineering firm, Capital has a rich, 75 year legacy of excellence in mitigating the risks architects and building owners face by employing innovative designs and practical solutions. Over 6,100 education, 2,200 civic and 3,400 healthcare projects clearly attest to that.

The problem was, their website, messaging and branding did nothing to showcase innovative thinking and was becoming a liability. See the ‘before’ photos for proof of that! 

Capital had two primary reasons for wanting to rebrand. First, their website was stale and failing to instil confidence in their quest for higher profile projects—especially projects that required innovative problem-solving. Second, they wanted to have a strong brand platform that was ready to serve their next generation of leaders and for being a magnet for young creative talent.

“Bringing life to buildings is at the heart of who we are”

We worked closely with the Capital principals and management team to help uncover their true essence and to position them as a truly innovative leader in MEP services for Civic, Education and Healthcare projects. 

Before we got into the identity and website, we helped them better understand and articulate their core values, and what their true purpose was. When one of their young engineers spoke up to say “we bring life to buildings” we knew immediately that she’d hit on something. MEP engineering brings the lifeblood into a building, so the new tagline felt like a natural solution.

Be LIT: Learn. Innovate. Teach.

Through our strategic workshops and meeting with the Capital team, we also helped uncover and formalize a key aspect of Capital — their commitment and processes around learning, innovating and teaching — we affectionately called it LIT.

It’s made up of research, collaborative problem solving, experiments, testing and sharing—lots of sharing. They were already doing this, we just wanted to bring LIT to life, and feature it as a key part of their brand, so that everyone, from their customers, project crew, to even their competition can get together to discuss how new innovations can benefit the entire project.

We created the following for Capital

Brand Strategy & Messaging  |  Core Values  |  Brand Identity Design
Brand Standards Guide  |  Website Design & Development
Marketing Materials  |  Content Writing

Building a strong identity

When it came to the new identity, we wanted to portray a bold, innovative feel, while keeping the look simple and iconic. The unique, handcrafted logo and wordmark take on a fluid sense of a network of MEP ductwork, pipes, vents and BIM drawings to further connect the identity to the engineering industry that is intrinsic to Capital.

A website with purpose

Aside from bringing more focus to the people of Capital, their LIT philosophy, and the buildings they bring to life, stories of Capital’s innovation now play a front and center role on the new website. These previously untold stories about how Capital bring their “out of the box” thinking to find unique solutions for clients provide insight into the value Capital brings to each and every project they work on.

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