Creative Roots

How do we attract the right people?

That was the challenge of this landscaping company when they came to us desperate for a rebrand. Their work spoke for itself: it was beautiful, meticulous and the owner was insistent that if a single blade of grass was out of place, they were not done. Their issue was finding a way to communicate what made them so great to both clients and prospective employees.

Forming a new backbone for the company

The company itself had a great value proposition: hire great people to do amazing work. We started by uncovering the owner’s authentic and unique core values and made them the backbone of operations, marketing, hiring, firing and decision-making.


Making neighbors jealous since 1994.™

Creative Roots Landscaping had already been “making neighbours jealous since 1994”. Their newly launched, and fully responsive website helps them spread that word.


We created the following for Creative Roots

Strategic brand positioning   |   Brand identity design   |   Website design & management
Corporate collateral design   |   Advertising design

How can we help you ? Check out their website

Creative Roots got a modern new website that helped explain how Creative Root’s approach to each project resulted in truly magnificent work. Maximizing the size and impact of every photo helped showcase the end results quite nicely. And, as finding and keeping talented landscapers can be quite a chore in itself, the site was designed to highlight jobs available at CR with the development of an integrated online application form that greatly lessens the administrative work of hiring new people.

We were having a hell of a time finding good people and it was the single biggest limiter to our growth. We also realized that we sucked at promoting ourselves – we had no signage, generic trucks and hardly a concise message.

Once we defined our brand, communicating our difference became second nature – especially to our employees. We even implemented a profit-share system that got everyone intimately involved in the company. Now we have no shortage of great people wanting to work for us.

Ryan Markewich / Founder - Creative Rootd
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