Circulation is everything

Strauss Naturals’ Heartdrops formula, which is clinically proven to maintain cardiovascular health and reduce elevated lipid labels, has been around for over 300 years.

Heartdrops have always had a strong and loyal customer base who swear by the efficacy of the product; however, these customers represented just a small fraction of people in the market for natural wellness products.

In our initial research phase of this rebranding project, we saw a big opportunity for Strauss to target a new, slightly younger demographic who have an affinity for more holistic products that optimize health and prevent future problems from arising.

To make Heartdrops more appealing to this new market segment, we modernized the product packaging and brand identity and incorporated a recognizable and interesting botanical treatment based on the key ingredient mistletoe.

We created the following for Heartdrops

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Leveraging the credibility of ancient, proven formulas

To make it obvious that Strauss products are based off ancient, natural formulas, we coupled the brand name with a ‘300-year-old’ mark.

We also worked with Strauss to create the Arterial Support Kit, a 3-bottle package geared towards people who wanted to purchase a complete health solution.

Dann and the WOW team think differently, but in such a refreshing way. Their mantra is “helping to make entrepreneurial dreams come true” and they’ve helped our dreams come true. I highly recommend the WOW Branding team!

Peter Field / Strauss Naturals - CEO
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