Human Garage

We fix people™

Human Garage is a health and wellness clinic in Marina Del Rey, California that combines cutting-edge processes with a holistic philosophy to fix people. People who have given up hope on regaining pain-free mobility, beating chronic pain or recovering from a debilitating injury flock to Human Garage to get fixed.

Go in for a tune-up

After coming up with the name Human Garage, which instantly conveys the notion that this is the place for effective bodywork, an identity, online presence and slew of jargon was developed to make this brand really pop.

Human Garage’s logo consists of several gears in motion and their bodywork experts are fittingly dubbed “Motion Mechanics”.

We created the following for Human Garage

Positioning  |  Naming |  Brand strategy |  Core Values |  Brand identity design |  Website |  Copywriting
Position agreements |  Email marketing |  Google Adwords |  Social media campaigns |  On-page and off-page SEO

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Ongoing digital marketing efforts, including organic and paid social media, search and display ads and local SEO, have succeeded in making Human Garage the place to go in LA for Olympic athletes, Hollywood A-Listers and international clients who need the best treatment possible.

Most recently, Human Garage was featured in Goop Health, Gwyenth Paltrow’s Health Summit in LA.

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