i2k Inflatables

Formerly Inflatable 2000, this commercial inflatable company came to us with a problem we see all the time: they’d grown without much of a plan and things were getting messy, cluttered and confusing. They had an undeniably strong value proposition as the only USA-Made inflatable manufacturers in the market, but their message was getting lost in translation.

Filled with Imagination

After conducting a brand audit, we realized we needed that Inflatable 2000 needed to be brought into the 21st Century in order for their brand to instantly reflect their commitment to using cutting-edge, patented technology to build the most durable, reliable and safe inflatables available in the USA.

We ended up legally adopting the company’s beloved nickname: i2k. Keeping some aspects of the existing brand bridged the gap in the minds of their long-time consumers between the old and the new—plus, the fun, happy, whimsical sound of it fit perfectly with their target market of amusement parks and family entertainment centers. A new identity and website modernized the brand and playful banners were created to be used in a number of trade shows around the country.

We created the following for i2k

Brand strategy   |   Positioning   |   Core values   |   Naming   |   Brand identity design   |   Business cards
Company attire   |   Tradeshow banner design   |   Brochures   |   Email marketing   |   Website

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