Kurobuta Ranch

Bringing heritage and quality to a new bacon brand

Kurobuta or “black hog” pork comes from the famed Berkshire pig, and is a heritage breed specially raised and heralded for its intensely flavorful meat and fat.

When we worked with Gordon Foods to help create their new Kurobuta Ranch
ultra-thick cut uncured bacon, we wanted to bring that exclusive, heritage farm-bred feel to the packaging and design. From a custom crafted logo, rustic, farm-inspired visuals and photography, to farm-vintage seal of authenticity stamp, Kurobuta Ranch emanates its “bacon the way it should be” mantra.

Honest goodness. From farm to fork.

Aside from designing the brand and packaging, we also launched a new kurobutaranch.com website for customers to get great recipe ideas for cooking with Kurobuta Ranch ultra-thick uncured bacon. The new website also includes an FAQ, and a chance to submit their own Kurobuta Ranch recipes.

We created the following for Kurobuta Ranch

Naming    |    Brand Identity    |    Packaging    |    Photography
Website    |    Brand Standards

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