Land Design Associates

Creating an online identity that captures the essence of the brand

When the founder of Land Design Associates came to us wanting to refresh his digital presence, we could understand why. The company’s website was confusing, uninteresting and didn’t even show up in a Google search.

We hosted a virtual brand workshop with key Land Design personnel and arranged interviews with clients to figure out what makes this company so special. We were able to gain incredible clarity as to why people were happily paying more for Land Design Associate’s services in comparison to other local companies.

We created the following for Land Design

Brand strategy   |   Positioning   |   Brand identity tweaking   |   Website design + development
Copywriting   |   Photography guidance   |   Google Ads   |   Email Marketing   |   CRM Implementation

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Craftsmen on every project™

What we found was that Land Design’s workers went far beyond the scope of traditional landscape laborers. They put an obsessive amount of thought and detail into every aspect of their client’s landscapes—and people noticed. The website was created using friendly language that would engage the target market (women with families). The spotlight was shone purposefully on Land Design Associate’s recently finished projects to show off their expertise and craftsmanship.

I looked around for web marketing companies for a few years and couldn’t find one that had “it”. When I saw a website done by WOW Branding, I felt I finally found the right people to do our site. Working with Dann and Kate was great. Their strong technical knowledge and their presentation style show through clearly.

In the short time our site has been operational, I have gotten many client comments saying how, after looking around at our competitors’ websites, ours was far and away the best and this made them want to call us for projects. Now our website has “it”.

Jim Egan / Founder - Land Design Associates
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