Max Source

This impassioned new division of Gordon Food Service needed a consumer-facing brand that effectively conveyed their purpose: to provide people with ethically sourced food in a wide variety of product categories.

Focus on what really mattered

We knew we needed to focus on what really mattered here, which was the company’s commitment to finding hard working family farmers around the world.

Max Source’s commodity expertise meant that they could eliminate steps in the supply chain to put the maximum value of the consumer’s dollar where it belongs—in the hands of the farmers—while simultaneously providing consumers with the least-processed food possible.

We created the following for Max Source

Brand strategy   |   Positioning   |   Brand identity design   |   Product packaging
International labeling compliance   |    Marketing collateral

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The global farmer’s market

The brand for Max Source uses common elements of farmer’s markets (white-washed wooden slats, stamp-like font and primary colors) to evoke ideas of fresh-off-the-boat food ingredients. Packaging for product lines were created using selected stock imagery that fit the theme of luscious, fresh, whole foods. A variety of supporting elements, like trade show booths, marketing pamphlets and sales sheets, were created to tell the story of Max Source to different stakeholders.

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