Skin Secrets

Our entrepreneurial client came to us with a name for his company and a vision of building a private botox and filler clinic on his residential property. We knew that we needed to find a way to build a trustworthy, credible brand for his clinic that attracts and retains a high-end base of clientele.

Turning unique features into benefits

Instead of trying to tiptoe around the fact that our client was conducting a medical practice on his residential property, we wanted to turn the location into a feature that people would want to pay more for. The benefit of being able to get treatments at a private residence is simple: discretion. Women wouldn’t have to worry about running into friends, family or colleagues at the local strip mall or laser hair clinic. They could completely relax for the duration of their appointment, not feeling rushed or anxious.


Discreetly done™

We created a tagline for the brand: “botox + fillers. discreetly done”, which conveys why people would opt for a private clinic. It also speaks to the expertise of the practicing doctor the subtlety of his results.


We created the following for Skin Secrets

Brand strategy   |   Positioning   |   Brand Identity Design   |   Website design and development   |   Copywriting
Email Marketing   |   Google Ads   |   Paid Social campaigns

How can we help you ?

A simple, clean and minimalistic brand identity reinforced the brand’s high-end positioning. A website and digital presence was created to allow customers to easily engage with the company, see pricing and and book an appointment in a matter of minutes. Friendly language and plenty of photography builds trust in the brand from the moment customers first come onto the website.

A new client base was built  by using Google search ad campaigns and social media paid campaigns in tandem. Local SEO helps the new clinic jump to the top of the search listings for important keywords.

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