Stir Architecture

Formerly Altoon Partners

This globally capable architectural firm came to us in the midst of a change in ownership, which was causing chaos and confusion between leadership, employees, clients and locations. The company was headed in a new direction and needed to be able to communicate their expertise in creating one-of-a-kind, mixed-use architectural centers.

Redefining the vision

We hosted a brand workshop with key members of Stir’s leadership team in order to redefine the company’s purpose, vision and values.

We realized that their ability to bring value to a community through their architectural centers, which combine a diverse mix of retail outlets, entertainment centers, commercial space, and more was what made them special.

We created the following for Stir

Internal and external qualitative research  |  Brand strategy  |  Naming  |  Core values  |  Brand identity design
Business cards +stationery  |  Internal and external signage  |  Website  |  Copywriting

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Stir it up

We renamed the company Stir, which was far more evocative, bold and memorable than Altoon Partners and rang truer to what the company was trying to do: mix ‘stuff and things’ to make a unified architectural entity that truly benefited its community. A new identity and responsive website punctuates their experience and brings to life all of the wonderful people and great projects that makes this company who they are.

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