Tanoshii Shrimp

They’re shrimply the best!

The Japanese word Tanoshi when translated to English means “delightful” or “pleasant”. So when our client Gordon Foods asked us to help name and brand their new all-natural shrimp line, the name Tanoshii, Delightfully Delicious shrimp seemed like a perfect fit.

To help establish Tanoshii as the high-end, high-quality (antibiotic-free & hormone-free) product that it is, we designed the package to have a sophisticated Japanese feel to it, from the custom typography, to the patterns and rich golden textures. The black slate, and dark colour palette allows the delicious shrimp images to pop off the package.

Tanoshii has launched a variety of different SKUs, plus a specialty line specifically for their cooked shrimp rings called Tanoshii Natural, which is 100% preservative-free and chemical-free.

We created the following for Tanoshii

Naming    |    Brand Identity    |    Packaging    |    Photography    |    Brand Standards

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