Tilt Property Group

Want to win at the game of real estate investment?

Formerly LLR (Landlord Resource Center), this property management company in Edmonton didn’t have a brand that attracted quality tenants or set them up for sustainable growth. To reach their revenue goals, they needed to become famous in Edmonton for being the go-to company for investors that wanted to win at the game of real estate investment.

From landlord to investor

We held a brand meeting with the two founders and senior leadership to get to the bottom of inconsistencies in the company’s internal culture and external messaging.

After conducting interviews with past and current clients, we knew we had to move far away from the existing landlord-centric messaging and aggressively target “investors”, rather than “landlords” in order to become more favored by a group of exclusive investors.

We created the following for Tilt

Brand strategy |  Positioning |  Naming |  Core values |  Brand Identity design |  Business cards + stationery
Website design and development |  Copywriting |  Tradeshow banners |  Brochures |  Email marketing
Google ads |  Paid social media campaigns |  Print ads

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Owning investment property should be easy

We renamed the company Tilt, to reflect its unconventional style of property management (tilting the norm) and to communicate the owner’s propensity for going (and choosing only to work with clients who go) “full tilt” at property investment.

To position the brand as the one-stop-shop for Canadian real estate investors rather than a haven for desperate tenants, the tagline was changed to “making it easy to own investment property”. We created meaningful, non-generic core values that explicitly mirrored  the beliefs of the leadership team and that would serve as the backbone for an internal culture that gets results.

Tilt’s website was designed around generating leads and maximizing conversions. A CRM was implemented to help the team handle client information. On- and off-page SEO, Google AdWords and paid social media campaigns were used in tandem to gain massive exposure for the new brand throughout Western Canada.

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