Trojan Safety

Industrial Safety Specialists Trained to Perform

Trojan Safety has been providing health, safety and environmental services for the Oil & Gas, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Forestry and Construction industries in Western Canada since 1994. With 5 locations across BC and Alberta, Trojan’s reputation was strong, but their business was stagnating and finding, hiring and retaining the right people had become too difficult.

“Non-negotiable” core values

After a brand workshop with senior personnel, we extracted 5 “non-negotiable” core values that created a great foundation for the rest of the rebrand. Trojan’s ability to work with the best safety specialists in Western Canada using cutting-edge technology and training became the brand’s new core offering—appealing both to clients and to potential trainees.

Trojan’s position as being the go-to place in Western Canada for safety training is reflected with a modernized brand identity, through website messaging and with the creation of a new tagline: “Industrial Safety Specialists. Trained to perform.”

We created the following for Trojan

Brand identity   |   website   |   strategy   |   messaging   |   online job application system   |   signage
vehicle signage   |   print and marketing materials   |   digital marketing   |   CRM implementation

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Finding the right people

A Careers page, brought to the forefront of a new and easy-to-use website, communicates the selectivity of Trojan’s hiring process. Installing specific Google code on the Careers page ensures that all available jobs are easily searchable online and found quickly by the right people. Implementing an online CRM specifically for new hires streamlines the whole process.

Using their new core values as a basis for hiring, firing and decision-making helps Trojan keep their focus, even as they continue to grow.

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