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Weldcraft Marine

Design for living. Welded for life.

To define the Weldcraft difference, it starts with half a century of awe-inspiring performance, unforgettable adventures, and zero compromises. However, unlike their innovative and ruggedly reliable boats, Weldcraft’s website had room for improvement.

It was also evident that many of their potential customers enjoyed the benefits of building their ‘dream boat’ online in the comforts of their own home.

With these two goals in mind, we set out to create a custom website that made it easy for their customers to review, select and build their boat to their specific needs and tastes.

Aside from the new addition of a ‘boat builder’ for each of their boats, some of the other updates we incorporated in to the new Weldcraft website included a simple to use mega-menu to navigate and find your ideal boat and simplifying what was originally an overly page-heavy website.

While the website has seen a significant update, some things just aren’t meant to change. With Weldcraft’s nostalgic “electric bolt” logo that was crafted back in 1967, and still a source of pride for this Washington-based boat builder, we saw fit to leave some things just as they were.

We created the following for WeldCraft

Website Design & Programming  |  Online Boat Builder

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