Wibit Sports

Looking to make a splash

Realizing they needed to do something drastic to completely differentiate from their competition and all the knock-off products, our client AVIVA Sports (who designed and manufactured a series of inflatable water-toy product lines) came to us to help them on the idea of creating an inflatable and modular obstacle course for the water—really, quite like nothing ever seen or imagined before.

Ribit, ribit…

Looking at nature, the frog seemed a perfect metaphor for this new product, as it would be all about leaping, and climbing and swimming on the water. We came up with the name Wibit, inspired by the musical noise a frog makes: ribit, ribit….


A playful brand identity was developed, with a stylized frog-hand that captured the essence of what the company was all about.

We created the following for Wibit

Internal and external qualitative research   |   Strategic brand positioning   |   Brand naming   |   Brand identity design
Brand standards guide   |   Graphics and colour application for products   |   Brochure design   |   Trade show design
Collateral design   |   Website   |   Ongoing design & brand strategy work

How can we help you ?

Let the games begin!

During our ongoing relationship with Wibit, we’ve helped them develop graphic and colour application for their products, designed clothing for users and Wibit referees and also helped design brochures, trade shows and vehicle graphics. We even helped Wibit come up with the concept behind the WAGA Aquagames: the governing body that organizes and sets standards for worldwide watersports events.

WOW helped us to get crystal clear on our brand promise, values, purpose and even the structure of our company. 

We now refer to our core values to guide every decision we make and we proudly post our goals for everyone to see.

It has lead to new products, new markets and better internal alignment. It has changed the way we do business.

Romann Rademacher / Wibit Sports - CEO
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