Williams + Paddon

Williams + Paddon Architecture in Sacramento, CA was ready for a brand identity makeover—one that reflected who they had become. WOW presented an innovative methodology and expertise that was distinctive enough to be chosen over numerous local firms.

Talking to the right people

As it is with every branding project, the first order of business was to establish the unique qualities of Williams + Paddon. WOW interviewed a selection of current and past clients along with prospects who had received proposals from Williams + Paddon but decided to go with another firm.

We also interviewed key staff members to form a full 360-degree perspective on the perceptions that existed about the firm.


We created the following for Williams + Paddon

Strategic brand positioning   |   Brand identity design   |   Website design & management
Corporate collateral design   |   Advertising design

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Involve, Connect, and Delight.

Key members of the WOW team flew to Sacramento to host a full day Brand Visualization Workshop for 18 principals and executives. The purpose of these workshops is to establish a platform of core values, character, an envisioned future and key concepts for communicating differentiation. The unique way that Williams + Paddon works was captured in three words: Involve, Connect and Delight. This was ultimately used to guide the design and creation of their brand icons and messaging. WOW presented a single, well developed concept that received immediate and unanimous approval. According to founder Jim Williams, this was the first time in a long time that they had agreed so easily on anything.

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