The 3 basics of brave brands

Whether you’re an entrepreneur working on your next big idea or the leader of a well-established company, in today’s world of choice, I’m sure at some point you’ve contemplated how to stand out. We’re not just talking about how to be better at this, or best at that… we’re talking about boldly going where no brand in your industry has gone before.

We boil it down to three simple basics:
1. Start with a genuine purpose (other than to just make money).
2. Get specific about who will buy (who are they, really?).
3. Be truthful, courageous and consistent when you go to market (lose the hyperbole and ‘marketing speak’).

To illustrate this point, let’s talk about one of the most saturated markets on the planet: coffee. Vancouver-based Ethical Bean delivers its promise boldly, starting with its name right through to its charitable work on a local and global scale. In this case, the company is born from its desire to make a difference in the world of coffee. From freeing farmers of harmful pesticides to leaving a minimal impact on the environment, Ethical Bean is about much more than taste, roasting or the latest flavour shot. As a result of their ethical cause, they capture the hearts of coffee drinkers who actually care about what they put in their bodies, where things come from and how it all impacts their planet. Furthermore, Ethical Bean expresses themselves by speaking the truth. It’s not just marketing speak that no one can remember or care about. Their Tagline “Just. Better” is a promise. A promise by which the company behaves, makes difficult decisions and chooses to live by—every day.

There are many other, bigger companies with far deeper pockets like Starbucks offering ethical, organic and environmentally friendly products. What makes Ethical Bean stand out is that they have started with a genuine purpose, chosen a specific audience and are delivering on their promise with every package, bean and QR code. They are doing it better because they are being bolder about their beliefs and backing up their claims with real actions. As customers, we have no reason not to believe them. No reason to think it’s (yet another) green-washing parade.

Ethical Bean is a product that has, and will, continue to disrupt people’s choices and attract like-minded people. We give them an A+ on being a brave brand.

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